Google is not just a search engine


If you only use Google for your email and looking up important information then you’re doing it all wrong. Google has a whole host of programs offered for free to anyone that has signed up for their service. Documents, slideshows, spreadsheets and your calendar can all be accessed from one Google account and everything is saved to your own personal part of the cloud. These documents can be accessed and edited anywhere from any device that can connect to the internet. Forget your laptop at home and have a big presentation today? Don’t worry because you saved your presentation to the cloud. Using the Google slideshow app you can make any last minuet changes that are needed and make your presentation from your phone. Out in the field and need to invoice a customer? Pull out your tablet and edit a template you have saved on your Google docs then you can email that invoice on the spot. G Suite gives business the ability to break away from traditional offices and allows for a decentralized working environment for the entrepreneur on the go. Have questions on how best to use G Suite call us at the HUB 219-803-6300