About our Creative Hub

The Creative Hub includes our makerspace and  art gallery. The Creative Hub’s purpose is to foster economic development within Hammond through the arts by using technology to create. While “The Gallery” allows artists to exhibit their works, additional business programming helps the artists  develop as entrepreneurs.

The Makerspace is working to help inspire youth and adults to create and develop ideas that may lead to entrepreneurship. The Makerspace will offer  classes in technology and craftsmanship that we hope can spark interest in participants in the trades as a possibility for future employment. The Makerspace currently has six 3D printers, a 10 station computer lab, a CNC machine, a photo studio, and a T-shirt making machine.  With additional funding, we hope to add audio equipment, a laser cutter, and also a full-time manager!



By Eric Roldan/Je_ery Brink/Petty Crimes Art Duo

From our Arterial Motives exhibit.


“Autumn Wolf”

By Felix “Flex” Maldonado

From our Arterial Motives exhibit.

CH (2).png

If you’re interested in participating in these great programs or helping out, please contact our Program Director, Jackie DeRosa at jackie@hdcnwi.org


“Hunter and the Hunted”

By Casey King

From our Arterial Motives exhibit.